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Wardrobe Staples of Your Favorite Celebs

Whether it’s a well-worn sweater or pair of jeans you just bought, every gal has at least a couple of go-to items that she tends to reach for more often than other articles of clothing. Just like you, celebrities have their favorites too. Do you think you can guess what your favorite celebs love to wear?



Gwyneth Paltrow

How does one of our favorite actresses, singers, and lifestyle inspirations finish off a look? With a blazer, of course! It’s versatile, transitions easily from day to night, and can add instant polish to your favorite jeans and t-shirt.  A stand-out? When she wore a white blazer and shorts at her book signing. Super chic!



Kerry Washington

Whether she’s herself or Olivia Pope, her look is flawless. This stunning actress admits that, while her overall aesthetic is bolder than Olivia’s, there is definitely one item that they both love: a good cashmere sweater. You feel both amazing and comfortable when you wear one – and isn’t that every woman’s fashion fantasy?



Jessica Alba 

Her look is always effortlessly stylish and casual at the same time. She achieves this by making the most of her favorite accessory: scarves! They add a pop of color and you can tie them in many ways to further punctuate a look. You can also use them, as she does, to cover up kid-related stains (so clever!). She’s even come up with her own line of scarves for nursing moms. Is there anything she can’t do?



Kim Kardashian

Whether you love her or love to hate her, you have to admit: she’s always camera ready. One of her favorite wardrobe items is a high-waisted pant. Especially noteworthy for petite ladies, any high-waisted pant/jeans can help elongate your legs and, as she says, they work on most body types.



Emma Watson

This impressive young actress continues to make a name for herself as a fashion and feminist icon. As part of a recent charity event, she even auctioned off her own clothing to benefit Women for Women International. One item was a pair of black So Kate Louboutins, one of her favorite pairs of shoes for a special occasion. High heels and saving the world. Our hero!