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Hollywood Heavyweights: You’ll Never Guess Who The Highest Paid Actress Is!

Hollywood exists as the sparkling town of tinsel and gold where people walk around in a post-monetary state. We always hear about how big of a paycheck guys like Robert Downey Junior and Leonardo DiCaprio are cashing in. However, it’s these butt kicking women who are really making the surprising money. From rising starlets to seasoned talk show hosts, these high paid actresses have it all.  The net worth of these entertainers ranges from the modest $40 million mark to way over $5 billion dollars. Can you guess who the highest paid actress is?

 Amy Adams: $35 Million


Amy Adams has come a long way from playing bit parts in early ’00s television shows like That ’70s Show and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This famous red head has already been nominated for five Oscars while holding down the fort in box office juggernauts like Man of Steel.