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Celebrity Prom Photos That You Just Have to See

Before they were topping the music charts, running the country or solidifying themselves as Hollywood A-listers, most celebrities were just like everyone else. They got their driver’s licenses, they hung out with friends, they participated in sports and other activities, and, before graduating from high school, they underwent the rite of teenage passage that is the prom formal dance.

Yes, while many have fond memories of going to prom with their high school sweethearts, so do most celebrities. And before there was glitz, glamor, and fame, many of these celebrity prom photos are just as unflattering as that of the average American. On that note, we present the following 32 celebrity prom photos. Some you just have to see to truly believe.

Taylor Swift

Today, T-Swift is dominating the pop charts, hanging with her squad and feuding with the Kardashians (and their significant others). But back in high school, you’d think she was poised for a career in rap based on her prom photo. And seriously, what guy wears a backwards hat – or any type of hat – to prom? C’mon.