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31 Eye Popping Mansions of the NBA’s Biggest Stars!

Did you know that the average salary for an NBA player is around $5 million per year? That’s a huge number for a job where you only have to actually compete around 82 times per season. Still, that high average salary doesn’t tell the story of the real heavyweights. Today we are going to look at 31 NBA stars who are getting paid big money and living in mansions that are representative of their bank accounts. You won’t believe the house that our #1 is living in!

Chris Bosh – Miami Heat


Chris Bosh is one of the most dynamic big men in the NBA but his career has been sidetracked of late due to consistent blood clotting issues. Still, the 13 year veteran is living life large while he rehabilitates his health. Bosh lives in a 12,000 square foot home that features an elevator, an infinity pool, and all of the high end appliances you could desire. This mansion is worth $12.3 million and it is located in Miami Beach, Florida.