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You Won’t Believe What’s Hiding in These 20+ Famous Logos

When you want to use familiar products, you know to look for certain logos while you’re out shopping. You may recognize colors and iconic fonts at a glance, but chances are you’ve missed a few clever little hidden images, even in products you use every day.

Brand logos are designed to be easy to spot, but they’re also meant to subtly persuade us to choose company A over company B, even subliminally. Don’t believe it? Take a look through these well-known brands and see for yourself!

 Hershey’s Kisses

A sweet treat familiar to any chocolate lover, Hershey’s revamped their familiar block-lettered logo to highlight one of their most popular products: the drop-shaped chocolate kiss. By shifting the “K” and the “I” close together and filling in the void space with the iconic chocolate hue, a little sideways kiss peeks out to greet shoppers and chocoholics alike.