Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx’s Mysterious Relationship

Judging by the range of the rumors, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are either married with children, or they have never met.

But it’s clear that they do know each other, and have for some time. They have, in fact, spent plenty of time together- and while there are signs of the two being more than friends- they refuse to raise the record above the level of speculation.

In three years, Foxx and Holmes have been photographed together exactly twice- and those photos have done little to dispel the mystery. Their relationship has been called everything from a steamy fling to a quiet and stable relationship. Yet wherever they are questioned about it, they either flatly denied it, laugh it off, or shirk the question entirely.

The most recent rumor, that the two had wedding plans delayed due to an unexpected pregnancy, a spokesperson for Holmes called “categorically untrue.”

Foxx told reporters that the two are not engaged, married or expecting. The usual denial. Even if he was telling the truth, there is still a great range of possibility left to speculate about. Many people close to the pair believe they are, in fact, dating.

Close friends say their relationship is no secret.

As their story goes, Foxx and Holmes diligently stagger their arrival and departure times to maintain plausible dependability. Yet other sources claim Holmes and Foxx are only close friends, as well as neighbors. But again, another contrary source says Holmes, when not at her New York apartment, spends most of her free time at Foxx’s LA residence.

This story began in the summer of 2013 when Foxx and Holmes shared a stage at a charity benefit event in the Hamptons. The two gave off many flirtatious signals which got the flurry of rumors going.

Now, fast forward three years, add in an array of “chance encounters,” rumors, additional displays of mutual flirtation and secretiveness- all the way up to two weeks ago- the 12 of May. Holmes was in Toronto on the 13th. The next day Foxx snapchatted from his daughter’s college graduation. He took his daughter to see Beyoncé’s Rose Bowl concert the following night. Then, he spent an evening in Las Vegas at the Jewel nightclub’s grand opening at the Aria hotel. It would seem the two are keeping within close range of one another.

Between cities, circles of friends, a steady diet of rumors and hordes of curious fans, Foxx and Holmes have been doing as they’ve pleased for some time now and only they know exactly what it is.

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