21 Celebrities Without Their Famous Facial Hair

Celebrities tend to have a signature body part or accessory to them that make them notable. Angelina Jolie’s lips, Johnny Depp’s eyes, Jennifer Aniston’s hair, you get the picture. Just like us, celebs like to change up their look from time to time and it generally leaves us shocked when they take the plunge.

You’ll be amazed to see these 21 celebrities who have forgone their famous facial hair and opted for a clean shaven appearance. Their transformations are nearly unrecognizable, and you’ll be shocked to see the great Hulk Hogan without his signature stache!

1. Fidel Castro

The Prime Minister to Cuba for two decades and then President of Cuba for three more decades, Fidel Castro has been under fire plenty of times during his half century of service to Cuba. Politics aside, Fidel Castro looks quite charming with or without his facial hair.

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2. Zach Galifianakis


The stunning transformation in this photo nearly takes our breath away. Zach Galifianakis goes from looking like a rugged lumberjack to a younger, clean cut version of himself in this before and after picture that leaves us in awe.

3. Freddie Mercury


Holy cow! This is one celebrity who is nearly unrecognizable without his well-groomed facial hair. Although, growing out his beautiful, long locks sure helps to up the wow factor as well. Freddie Mercury looked absolutely fabulous with and without his facial hair.

4. Chuck Norris


A young Chuck Norris is nearly unrecognizable without his signature stache. In his case, the beard makes the man (but, its Chuck Norris. Does the man make the beard in his case?) and he just wouldn’t be Chuck without that grizzly facial hair.

5. Abraham Lincoln


Honest Abe looks positively dashing without his famous facial hair. We are so used to seeing him on the 5 dollar bill that it’s hard to imagine him without his scruff, but he sure looked great with his clean shaven face.

6. Tom Selleck


Nearly unrecognizable in this before and after picture, Tom Selleck looks amazing after he shaved off that 1970’s mustache. While he looked good before, we like him best without that fluffy little caterpillar hanging over his upper lip.

7. Charlie Chaplin


Master of the sleek and clean cut look, Charlie Chaplin looks dashing with his smooth, handsome face. We have to say, his mustache makes him look a bit…deranged.

8. Mr. T

mr t

Facial hair or no facial hair, Mr. T’s look is on point and fresh as ever. While he has a great look and style, either way, he is nearly unrecognizable in his before and after picture.

9. Clark Gable


A strikingly handsome devil, Clark Gable really takes the cake for a shocking celebrity transformation when seen without his facial hair. We are definitely fans of the clean-cut look he has going on in the second shot.

10. Che Guevara


Bet you weren’t expecting to see Che on this list, were you? The Marxist and diplomat takes his look from disheveled to clean and handsome with one swipe of the razor. He looks decades younger without his facial hair, though.

11. Jimi Hendrix


This purple haze musician rocked his groovy mustache back when it was all the rage. But his clean cut look is quite charming if we do say so ourselves. We are sure the ladies at Woodstock swooned over his stubble while he rocked the stage.

12. Pat Morita, aka Mr. Miyagi


The original Mr. Miyagi, Pat Morita rocks his facial hair and his appearance is rather surprising without it. His before and after pictures obviously resemble each other, but not much. This is one shocking celebrity without his signature facial hair.

13. George Lucas


We had to do a double take to see if this was the same guy because George Lucas takes on a whole new appearance without his signature facial hair. Beard or no beard, this is one celebrity who aged well.

14. Weird Al

weird al

We have one word: Wow. This transformation from facial hair to no facial hair is outstanding. Looking almost comical in his first photo, if you passed him on the street you wouldn’t recognize him without that mane of facial hair.

15. Nick Offerman


Nick looks ten years younger without his mustache, don’t you think? A shocking transformation, without the facial hair his glowing skin and beautiful eyes are really enhanced.

16. Dr. Phil


No doctor is more famous for his bushy mustache than Dr. Phil himself. It’s no surprise that the second shot in this picture looks a bit like a publicity stunt because seeing him without his famous mustache almost makes you do a double-take.

17. Burt Reynolds


Tall, dark, handsome, Burt Reynolds has it all. However, he looks even better without his facial hair (and years younger, to). We have to hand it to him, he sure does know how to transform himself into one handsome devil.

18. Russell Brand


Russell Brand is possibly one of the funniest actors on the big screen right now. But we had to look twice when we saw this picture of him without his famous facial hair. Brand looks great with that rugged, grizzly beard of his but he also looks handsome without it.

19. Luciano Pavarotti


Another striking before and after picture, Luciano looks startling in this picture and nearly unrecognizable. He definitely pulls off both the grizzly look and the clean shaven look effortlessly.

20. ZZ Top


The guys of ZZ Top rocked their famous facial hair back in the day, but they also have a clean and handsome look when they want to. Before and after, ZZ Top rocks their signature grizzly look and their clean-shaven look as well.

21. Hulk Hogan

hulk hogan

Last but not least is the incredible Hulk Hogan, famous for his VH1 TV show and his wrestling career, Hogan has made his facial hair into a trademark for years. It’s clear to see that this wasn’t always the case as his school picture depicts a clean-shaven Hulk looking put together and dashing, but we still couldn’t see him without his signature stache today.

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