20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had A Twin

Here’s a fun fact – twins are actually common, more common than most people realize! That gets to be a whole lot of fun when taking a look at some of the most popular names and faces in TV, Hollywood, and the latest gossip sites…then realizing that they have had a twin their whole lives.

So, are you curious about those twins you never knew existed – and how they impacted the lives of the celebrities we know so well? Let’s take a look at which twins got the looks, which stayed behind the scenes, which have close friendships with their siblings….and which don’t.

1. Scarlett Johansson and Hunter Johansson

celebrity twins

It’s hard to believe someone as famous as Scar-Jo has a twin, right? But she does: Hunter Johansson does use the Johansson name, but only in a quiet way as a force for good.

It turns out he’s actively involved in charity work and supporting various political campaigns – which makes us like her sister even more, if that’s possible. …Still, Hunter should consider getting out in front of the camera at least now and then.

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2. Eva Green and Joy Green


Here’s a great sibling rivalry for you. Eva Green is a famed Hollywood beauty with a successful modeling career and a collection of well-received movies behind her (she currently stars in Penny Dreadful). Her sister is a business whiz who married an Italian count. Which do you think won?

3. Ashton Kutcher and Michael Kutcher


You may have known that Ashton Kutcher is an adamant supporter of research into cures for Cerebral Palsy, but did you know why? Because his brother Michael lives with the debilitating condition.

In fact, the family story is that Ashton originally began his modeling work as a way to help pay for his brother’s medical expenses – which is just super charming, if we’re honest.

4. Kiefer Sutherland and Rachel Sutherland


The Sutherlands are a talented family with an enormous collective filmography, so you may expect that Kiefer Sutherland’s twin Rachel has at least a few TV shows under her belt as well.

However, Rachel decided to enter the family business in a very different way: She’s a post-production supervisor who makes sure that everything looks just right. We wonder how often she works with her brother?

5. Vin Diesel and Paul Vincent


Paul Vincent is getting a whole lot more attention lately thanks to the tragic death of Paul Walker. Vin Diesel noted that the two looked a lot alike (they really do, it’s a bit eerie), and fans were eager to spread the word of the odd coincidence.

No sign that Paul Vincent is intending to enter the film business, however.

6. Aaron Ashmore and Shawn Ashmore


While some of our listed twins keep to different professions and have different looks, the two Ashmores are some of the most likely to get confused. They both have acting careers, and both tend toward sci-fi shows and movies, which means you’ve probably mistaken them at least once.

Shawn tends to appear on the big screen (he was Iceman in the X-Men movies, that’s what you’re thinking of), while Aaron is often on the small screen in shows like Smallville and Warehouse 13.

7. Siva Kaneswaran and Kumar Kaneswaran


If you’re a fan of The Wanted, you probably already know who Siva Kaneswaran is and how the music star became famous not only for a series of dance hits but also for his adorable good looks.

Fortunate for the world, then, that he has an identical twin named Kumar – who like all good twins regularly plays pranks on people by pretending to be his brother.

8. Jud Reyes and Joselin Reyes


Have you been wishing that more twins of famous actors played their twins on TV? The Reyes are here to save your day: Judy Reyes is of course the indomitable nurse Carla from Scrubs, and her sister did indeed show up to play Carla’s sister.

But Joselin deserves extra credit for her work as a paramedic in Law & Order, too. We wonder what the Reyes think about being typecast in the medical field.

9. Olly Murs and Ben Murs


Allow us to refresh your memory on this one: Olly was runner-up on the 2008 X-Factor: His relationship with his brother hit the tabloids when Olly decided to perform on the X instead of going to his brother’s wedding.  Looks like everyone made up, though.

10. Jill Hennessy and Jacqueline Hennessy


These sisters are another pair that both took to the screen and confused an entire generation of TV viewers – especially fans of Canadian TV. Jacqueline hosted Medical Intelligence, while Jill is widely known as the lead in Crossing Jordan and a star in Law & Order.

11. Giovanni Ribisi and Marissa Ribisi


Giovanni Ribisi is often known as, “Oh yeah, that one actor, in that movie.” The movie is usually Avatar or one of his more recent comedies, but few people even realize that he has a twin sister who has also dabbled in acting.

Currently, however, she’s busy raising kids with – get this – Beck, to whom she is happily married. The world just got a lot smaller.

12. Alanis Morissette and Wade Morissette


Oh yes, Alanis Morissette most certainly has a twin, and Wade is just as…well, just as Morissettey. He works as an author, therapist, and yoga instructor, because of course he does.

He’s also helped create a few musical albums of his own, although they have been along the lines of “meditative yoga rock.” Okay, we’re actually gonna go look that up right now, brb.

13. Nicholas Brendon and Kelly Donovan


There’s probably a lot of fans out there that didn’t even know Buffy alum Nicholas Brendon had a twin brother – even though they have both appeared in Buffy The Vampire Slayer when a convenient Xander twin was needed.

14. Joseph Fiennes and Jacob Fiennes


Joseph Fiennes played Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love: While that thought is rattling around your brain, we’ll also point out that he’s another film actor with a whole lot of siblings, including a twin named Jacob Fiennes.

Apparently the two are very close, although Jacob prefers conservation work to the world of film.

15. Giselle Bundchen and Patricia Bundchen


How much do you trust your brother or sister? Well, Gisele Bundchen absolutely trusts her sister enough to let her become Gisele’s manager during her modeling career. Actually, both of them used to model at one time.

We have to wonder how Patricia decided to step down and run the show, because they are both incredibly beautiful. Did they have a dance off? Did they flip a coin? The people want to know.

16. Jon Heder and Dan Heder


Jon Heder was famous for his indie super-cult hit Napoleon Dynamite, but he has gone on to be involved in other comedies as well. He also has a whole lot of siblings – one of which is his twin Dan Heder.

Dan also like the film world, but he works mostly as an animator, which is why you probably haven’t seen him before.

17. Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush


It’s not often that you see twins in the White House, but Jenna and Barbara certainly qualify. We have to imagine it was a tough job, being the “First Twins” while still trying to lead normal lives.

18. Parker Posey and Christopher Posey


If the name Parker Posey rings a bell, that’s probably because she starred in a number of independent films in the 1990s, most highly acclaimed, which won her attention as the “Queen of the Indies.”

Her twin Chris, on the other hand, is an attorney based in Atlanta. You can’t get much more different than that.

19. Charlotte Ronson and Samantha Ronson


Sam Ronson is recognized as Lindsay Lohan’s ex – which is a little unfair, because she’s made a perfectly fine name for herself as a skilled DJ, which is both very cool and probably a lot healthier for her social life.

Her twin, Charlotte, is a fashion designer, and we hope they collaborate on at least a few projects.

20. Leslie Hamilton and Linda Hamilton


Linda Hamilton will go down in history as the first and most badass version of Sarah Connor from the Terminator franchise. However, she also had an identical twin sister who apparently didn’t care quite as much for her own safety, because she served as a body double for Linda on multiple occasions when filming.

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